Friday, March 22, 2013

Brace yourself

The most special friend left me a little surprise in my letterbox the other week.

Completely out of the blue and unnecessary but so very much appreciated.

She said she saw the silver bangle above (paired with my favey J.Crew bracelet) and thought of me so had to buy it. How sweet!

Anyway, it's been the most eerily relevant mantra to live by in recent weeks.

If you have the strength to believe, your dreams will come true.

I've had a dream since the 1990s of what my perfect job was. I'm caught on our Year 12 video saying that's where I see myself in ten years time, and I've had the job ad from 2001 stuck to the back of my door ever since.

Well this week, after a crazy and long winded few months, I was offered my dream job and I have accepted.

This means a move to Melbourne and I'm freaking out.

But I'm excited. And really proud of myself (if I do say so myself!). I've been committed to my dream and been strategic in my decisions to help get me there.

It's all a bit daunting now that it's happened. And all in the lead up to my 30th birthday. Eeeek!

So stick with me as I start this new chapter. Melbourne, please be kind to me.

And Radelaide, stay cool.



Anonymous said...

Kate you will be brilliant! And spectacular! And oh, the people you will meet! (I feel like Dr Suess)

Melbourne's gain is Adelaide's loss, and of behalf of this city, we are devo.

But we will carry on cheering for you while we stand infront of the Mall's Balls. We will welcome you home whenever you feel the need for a full bodied shiraz, a crunchy yet creamy Haigh's speckle, a pie floater, a pims out the back, a drive at 110km/hr, 15 days straight over 35, a walk up Lofty or a swim in the tepid yet refreshing waters of the gulf.

We will also be flying over for parties in Melbs, walks at St Kilda, dinners at alley bars, and ever so many catch ups!

We will miss you, but we are ever so proud of you. Moving takes guts miss E, and you have those in {Kate) Spades!

love flavs xxx

Kelly Green said...

Congrats!!! I know this will be a great move for you and all will fall into place, both personally and on the job front! How exciting! KG X

Lauren said...

Congratulations!!!! I love reading your blog and look forward to reading the next chapter of your life! Lauren x

Kate said...

Aw Flavs! What a gorgeous comment, thank you so much! Tears! You can take the kid out of SA but you can't take the SA out of SA Kate xxx

Kate said...

Thanks KG! I'm excited to be able to have Laurent lemon tarts on a far more regular basis! The professional side of things seems to be coming together, time to focus on the personal - bring on the husband hunting (in a totally non desperate kind of way!)


Kate said...

Thanks Lauren, it's great to hear from people who drop by this little piece of cyberspace. Hopefully I'm reinspired by this move and have some funny little tales to share along the way x

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

Oh Kate I am so happy for you but also very sad we lose you to Vic. I do love Melbourne and am planning a few trips in the latter part of the year so I'll be sure to get in touch. I've still got the succulents I've grown for you!!!! Bring on the husband hunting. xx

Gild and Grace said...

How exciting Kate! You'll love Melbourne town! And congrats on the new gig too :)

Abbey x