Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friday Night Lights

This long weekend has been the perfect excuse to indulge in some couchtime.

Mad March is taking its toll on me - I haven't had so many big nights since my uni days! 

So I've taken to 'recovering' under the fan on the couch these past few days and have become obsessed with yet another American TV series.

This one is a bit more deep than Hart of Dixie - it's critically acclaimed and received rave reviews in the US.

Friday Night Lights is awesome. It's got everything - romance, sport, teenage angst. Love. It.

I'm halfway through the first season - there are five seasons all up and I'm champing at the bit to get through them all.

And the best bit? George Tucker from Hart of Dixie is in it - he's star Quarterback Jason Street and he's just as cute. And I'm smitten with Coach Taylor. His wife is just gorgeous too. 

So many likable characters.

And it's sooooo American. We don't have anything like it in Australia. It must be crazy being a teenager in Texas, how I would've loved to do a high school exchange back in the day!

Clear Eyes. Full Heart. Can't Lose.


Gild and Grace said...

I was obsessed with this one too Kate! Am still in love with Tim riggins :)

Abbey x

Rob & Lindsey said...

Best show EVER!!! You are gonna get sooo obsessed! Coach and Tami Taylor are the best.

Rob & Lindsey said...

Best show EVER!!! You are gonna get sooo obsessed! Coach and Tami Taylor are the best.

Kate said...

Right ... on to it... you are a bad influence on me Miss. Kate! x

Kate said...

Tom Riggins? Really, Abbey? I'm warming to him, I just want to comb his hair and get it out of his face! I am definitely a Jason Street fan x

Kate said...

Lindsey, I knew you'd be all over this! It's awesome, the Taylors are the best TV couple. Any other US series I should add to my list? Ps. Is high school really like that over there?! X

Kate said...

Kate, you will LOVE it! It's Hart of Dixie with soul. A lot deeper and more touching but still entertaining. I'm hooked, my couch has a permanent bum sag where I've been camped! X

TINA KENT said...

Crack up! I have absolutely no idea what ur talking about w this show but totes jealous of the couch bum sag! Sitting down must be amazing!! Ha. LovT

Anonymous said...

Just a little warning that American TV shows are not a true reflection of American life, not at all. Also, most of the southern accents on these shows are fake, probably just as much as when they portray Aussies on American TV. Love your blog!

Kate said...

T, bring on that Freaky Friday swap xxxx

Kate said...

Julie you have me intrigued! I cringe with Aussie accents on American TV so I can imagine how much the Southern accents must grate on you.

Hope you stop by again soon!