Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello petal

Most of my friends are turning 3-Oh this year and I'm soon to join the Club in May.
I'm always on the hunt for unique and personal pressies for my friends and family and was so so so excited when the fabulous Pip Boydell agreed to do a commissioned piece for my darling friend Bree's birthday.

I got all the girls from school involved (thanks JB, Gemmal, Kib and Jo) and put in a special order for a peony - Bree's favourite flower and her bridal bloom.

Pip did a phenomenal job. She has so much attention to detail and I love it to bits. It's so beautiful in real life, these pics just don't do it justice (so you can imagine how exquisite is in the flesh!).

Peonies seem to be the flavour of the month with Pip working on another peony recently (third pic down). Aren't they just the most perfect flowers?

Make sure you check out Pip's blog for other examples of her work. I'm saving my pennies for a painting of my own one day.

Thank you Pip, it's a really special gift that I know Bree will love forever x

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Gild and Grace said...

This is stunning Kate! I saw some pics over at Pips blog too, she's amazing! Now on the topic of Friday night lights, you will have to appreciate that a lot of your spare time will be taken up until you get through it all! It's very very addictive!

Abbey x