Saturday, August 3, 2013

Get your shop on

I have finally uploaded my pics from New York and thought I should share with you - after all, you suffered through the countdown as I prepared for the holiday of a lifetime so it only seems fair to give you a sneak peek of what I got up to.

I am going to break down the pics into categories to try and give it some order. Looking through them all, I'm alarmed by how many are photos of food. Is someone a bit obsessed? Possibly.

So here I begin reliving the fun . . . and we kick off with a shopping theme. I'm just so annoyed I forgot my camera at Woodbury Common. Now that was something else!

1. C.Wonder at Columbus Circle. Gorgeous. Colour to die for. Gorgeous jewels and patterns and homewares. Bought myself some leopard print flatties and also a few goodies for some friends. 2. Fifth Avenue.  Hello lover. 3. Tiffany & Co. What's a visit to NYC without taking home a little blue box? 4. Kate Spade New York in Soho. My kind of heaven. Bought a beautiful classic black purse for my birthday, care of my very generous girlfriends. 5. Eataly. Food lovers paradise. I was like a kid in a candy store! A must if you're struggling to find a good coffee. 6. ABC Carpet & Home. Beautiful store, just wish we'd had time to stop for lunch at ABC Kitchen. 7. Bergdorf Goodman. A NY institution.

Not a bad effort considering we had my Dad with us who doesn't care for shopping as much as us gals!

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Flavs said...

Awesome - I am bookmarking this for a future trip - its like "The Polka Dot Pantry guide to New York" - awesome. This is going to save me some serious research time Kate - thanks!

Can't wait to see the leopard print flatties - I love my leopard print loafers!

love flavs xx