Saturday, August 10, 2013

Loud and proud

I am one of Radelaide's biggest fans. Ask any of my friends. I love the place. I've even been called SA Kate on numerous occasions. Give me the opportunity to talk about my home town and I'll jump on it.

So I had to smile when I saw this article that someone had tweeted.

Oh, the memories! I've added my two bobs in for each . . .

Thirty ways you know you're a South Australian

LET'S be honest - being South Australian is awesome. So we compiled a few of the ties that bind us all together. You know you're a South Aussie when ...

1. You know what bung fritz is.
My Dad was a meat wholesaler when I was growing up so we had all the meat we needed at home. But on the odd occasion we went to the butcher at Mitcham, Bruce would cut me a fat slice and I'd love it! Fresh white bread with fritz and sauce for lunch. Delish!

2. The first question you ask someone you just met is, 'what school did you go to?'
Guilty, as charged. BUT I feel like I know someone at every single school and it is a good way to make a connection!

3. You say " heaps good " and people don't look at you strangely.
I use it all the time!

4. You've prank-called Bob Francis.
Nope, never

5. You used to go on dates to Skyshow .
I was too young for dates but did head there with the family in the early days where we snacked on Golden North Giant Twins.

6. You've nearly been killed at the Britannia Roundabout.
I avoid it at all costs and if I do have to go through it, will only approach from Fullarton Road to go straight across towards the Parade. I am my Mother's daughter!

7. You've ridden the Rundle Mall pigs.
Yep, normally some time past midnight with a yiros in hand.

8. You hate the only other AFL team in the state so much that you actually cheer for Collingwood when they play your rival.
Bloody oath! I hate the Crows with a passion!

9. You claim any celebrity who has ever visited here as a South Australian.
And make a connection to them somehow. Like, did you know that Mel Gibson bought my Granny and Grandpa's place in Unley? True fact!

10. You went to bed when Fat Cat told you to.
Bless him!

11. You flip your beer before opening it.
Yes, we love a Coopers but don't turn it into a posh Sydney bar trick. It's just what you do.

12. You feel nostalgic about the demise of the double-cut roll.
Mum used to bring the top half of her roll home from work sometimes, I just thought it was so cool.

13. You enjoy whingeing about the fact that we're a state of whingers.
Yes! I had to leave to ensure I stopped whingeing and made a change!

14. You submit Xavier Minniecon as a "spotted" for the Sunday Mail's gossip column.
Where has he gone?

15. You're inexplicably proud of homegrown inventions people in other places would never think to be proud of. Such as Hills Hoists ...
I love ours in the back corner of the garden. And it's so sweet that my niece now loves to swing on it too. And you've all heard of Goon of Fortune!

... Victa mowers …
I didn't know they were ours to claim!

... and even one-way freeways.
Surely NOONE is proud of that!

16. You hate Victorians for no real reason.
Kick a Vic was something I adopted very early on as a child - especially with the likes of Sam Newman on our case. I'm not so outspoken now that I'm surrounded by them!

17. You think crying over spilt milk is entirely valid - if that milk is Farmers Union Iced Coffee.
Yes! What is this Big M business?

18. You think boat , not spinach , when you hear the word 'Popeye'.
Some of my best childhood memories during school holidays with my cousins involve Popeye and visits to the zoo.

19. You still can't believe Dazzeland closed down.
What is happening to the MYER Centre these days?

20. You feel strangely possessive about the precise position of the Mall's Balls.
The best meeting spot in Rundle Mall!

21. You NEVER EVER let another driver merge into your lane ahead of you. Ever.
Oh no, I'm all for zip merging. I had no idea we were known for this!

22. You know that ' pie floater ' isn't a dirty euphemism.
Have only had one in my life - out the front of the Casino

23. You call the Murray River the River Murray because you think it sounds posh(er).
Ha! Yes, I do!

24. You're secretly proud when tourists ask you what part of England you're from.
I sure am! We're a well spoken bunch

25. You've gotten third-degree sunburn on the Hill at Adelaide Oval.
As much as this is an Adelaide institution, I prefer the comforts of the Members Area thanks! Unless I'm on the lookout for cute English boys on tour . . .

26. You pretend to know the difference between a tempranillo, a grenache and a petit verdot.
As long as it's South Australian, I just assume it's a winner!

27. You felt guilty and rushed out to buy a jar of Spring Gully pickles a few months ago.
I totally get behind the locals!

28. You think Vili is a culinary god.
Yes! And on this note, he lives in the house where Mum and Dad had their wedding reception. So Adelaide to know something like this!

29. Your family used go on holiday at the same spot on the river or coast each year.
Port Elliot Caravan Park every year for 14 years. Best memories of my childhood.

30. You have no problem in stealing something from Victorians, since they already stole something from us.
Yep, I even love stealing their jobs!

And yes, we haven't mentioned Woodies, Haigh's, Bickford's, Stobie poles, FruChocs or Kitchener buns. So over to you - you know you're South Australian when ...

Here are a few of my faves . . .
  • You ask for an early minute from work and your boss stares at you blankly. Seriously, Victorians don't know what that means! My South Australian friend from work and I couldn't believe it!
  • You ask for a pint and get a glass of beer that's actually not technically a pint in size. Why don't we do it by the book? It's like buying a metre of ribbon and only getting 75cm!
  • Someone from the motherland calls you a convict and you hold up the Free Settler card!

Any other true South Aussie-isms?


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Great, all of it so true xx jb

Anonymous said...

Catching the tram - which Tram? doesn't matter, there is only one line....

flavs xx