Sunday, August 4, 2013

Recipe to Riches

Australian TV is doing me proud lately and I'm eagerly anticipating the next Channel 10 reality TV show 'Recipe to Riches'.

I think it's the frustrated foodie in me - someone who knows what they like but can't articulate it or work out how to foster this passion and turn it into a career.

Have you seen the previews for the show? It's been done in Canada before, I think but I'm really excited about the local slant and the marketing ideas behind successful FMCG products.

Good on these punters for giving it a go. It'd be such a 'pinch yourself' moment to see your hairbrain idea for a supermarket product on the local Woolies shelf.

Check out the Recipe to Riches facebook page for some great example of brands we've come to know and love through their creative approach to advertising.

And I'm looking forward to getting to know Carolyn Creswell of Carman's fame a little better on our TV screens. Her story is wonderful, she's so inspiring and just a normal Mum with a passion for what she does. And she's always smiling - a big, warm genuine smile.

Stay tuned to the Ten website for more details . . .

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this too and I met Carolyn earlier this year in Melbourne and she is a delightful person.

How are you coping with the impending death on Offspring ??