Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Did you hear?

Did you hear?
 How am I the last person to find out?
Kate Spade is coming to Australia.
Hello Sandra Sully with the late news.
I'm beyond excited, ecstatic, I'm lost for words.
She's opening her doors tomorrow . . . in Melbourne. Yes, Melbourne. Where I live!
After much anticipation, Emporium is throwing open its doors and welcoming a bucketload of international designers to our shores. Uniqlo, Zoo York and Brooks Brothers are just some of the big names to be settling into my 'hood.
So much fashionable fun to be had in Melbs of late. I haven't even been to H&M yet, and am still in 'tourist' mode whenever I walk through Zara's doors. But Kate Spade? My mecca, my safe haven, my happy place. Only 15 mins away from my office and home. Too much. I'm giddy.
Such good timing with my birthday only two weeks away. Friends and family, you know what to do.

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