Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I can't believe I missed it.

Two days ago, on Monday 14 April 2014, I celebrated one year of living in Melbourne. That's 365 days since I turned my world upside down, grabbed life by the balls and took a massive leap of faith.

I decided to live the life I'd imagined.

And I haven't looked back.

Well, I have. Lots of times. There have been tears, sleepless nights, periods of self doubt.

But I've made it through and lived to tell the tale. And I'm proud that I've stuck it out, I didn't run home when the going got tough (even though I'm sure Mum and Dad wanted me to!). I dug my heels in and persevered. I was self-aware enough to know when I was out of my depth but I refused to play the victim and took control of my own happiness.

And it's been so liberating. I am SO happy, so grateful for the opportunities and the love and support of my Melbourne family. I feel young and full of hope and there's a bounce in my step. 

I have no idea what the next year holds. Hopefully some love as that part of my life still eludes me. But it doesn't hold me back, it doesn't define me. It's just something that could only make my already pretty fabulous life even more wonderful.

Cheers to me and my one year in Melbourne anniversary #ifidosaysomyself


Anonymous said...

Way to go Kate! So lovely to hear! Have a fabulous Easter. Lib Xoxo

Flavs said...

#youreawesome love flavs xx

Tina Kent said...

Oh I even got teary! Beautiful read and big congrats for sticking it out. Love reading your blog posts again! Happy Easter btw! How bad to be back at work today. LovT

Kate said...

Thanks Kib! Time flies - I can only imagine how quickly the years disappear when you've got kids! Hope you had a lovely Easter my dear xx

Kate said...

Aw Flavs, nice use of a hashtag! Ha #youaretookind xx

Kate said...

Oh T, it sucks. I nearly cried when my alarm went off this morning, it took all I had not to throw my phone against the wall. But I had a lovely break and feel very refreshed (if having a cold allows you to feel 'refreshed'?). How was Sydney? I hope to read a pretty blog post about it soon!? Thank you for your 'online' and as well as 'offline' support, dear friend. This little blog has been a wonderful avenue for such special people to come into my world and for that I am grateful xx

Lill said...

Happy anniversary Kate and Melbourne! x