Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Playing dress up

Okay, so we've all seen it already but I couldn't help myself.
I do get a bit gushy with a gorgeous country landscape. Just wish dear old Isabel had a gorgey brother we could perve on. Nothing like a bloke in RMs, moleskins and an Akubra to get the heart racing.
I digress.
This is my pick from the collection. My friend Alice had already emailed it through to me before the Country Road email landed in my inbox. We are on the same page, this Alice and I.
Buy it here.
I want to get a felt hat for Winter. I think it will be very 'Melbourne' of me - but I don't want to look like a try-hard. The name on everyone's lips is lack of color (the spelling annoys me, especially  because it's an Australian brand) so I'm keen to invest and experiment. Surely black is safe and I'll totes look the part? Yay or neigh, friends?
Shop it here (sans saucy bra thing)
Speaking of hats and looking the part, think I need one of these beauties for the footy (don't mention Sunday's game, but we can talk about the Showdown for a bit longer yet can't we!?)
Question is, which colour? Isn't Tina a scream? Couldn't ask for a better model for Lady Chatterley's Affair than the pretty lady herself.
Beat the rush and get your mitts on a beanie yourself here.


Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

oh i love it! that dress caught my eye in their email send out today. and YES its all about this lack of color (poo spelling, but weird name still?) - everyone looks awesome in them, go for it!!!

Love me some LCA, may have put in a little order in the other night - happy days! x

Faux Fuchsia said...

love those pom pom hats!

Kate said...

They are the bees knees, aren't they FF? Maybe I need one of each . . .

Kate said...

I have had to physically restrain myself from any purchases of late, Kimberlee. It was either pretty jewels or food. And I think we all know - given my size - what I chose! xx