Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meisha and her magic

Meisha! (She's like Madonna - she doesn't need a last name, everyone knows who she is)

My name is Kate and I am an eyebrow-aholic. There, I've admitted it to the world. For the last 18 months I've been I've been turning to the talents of Meisha Wright to tame my brows. Now don't get me wrong, they're no Johnny Howard caterpillars - I've always kept them under control, but Meisha, oh Meisha. She's taken them to a new level.

Having bought my own little place and moved out of the parental nest within the last 12 months, there are things I've had to sacrifice to be able to make my fortnightly mortgage repayments - but no way could I give up on Meisha. She's life changing!

I had my two monthly catch up with Meisha on Tuesday (there you go - I've pushed it back to 8 weeks rather than 6 - surely that's an effort to cut back on my spending!) and gosh, do I feel good! But it wasn't until I was telling my non-convert friends the next day about my session with Meisha that they put it into perspective - I had to scrimp and save the $10 needed for a pint and parmy at the pub afterwards (awesome bargain at this GFC troubled time! The Ed front bar - hilarious!) but am happy to hand over $45 for 15 minutes of plucking and tweezing.

Um . . . my name is Kate and I am an eyebrow-aholic.

So Meisha is just ah-mazing - she's also the most fabulous makeup artist and fashion stylist. Awesome talent for little old Adelaide. Check out her brilliant new venture It's The New Black x


Lill said...

Meisha. Does she wax other things or just eyebrows? PS. $45 every two months is what, 75 cents per day? How is that not a bargain?

Penny said...

I could do with a good eyebrow wax. Perhaps I will give her a call. Here's what I look like at the moment, I hope it's not terminal

KJZW said...

I understand, I am also a complete eyebrow-aholic. I have a scar in the middle of one of my eyebrows so I am always trying to make them look the same... but they never quite do.

Pippa said...

Yay Kate, this blog is gorgeous. I heartily agree with you about the magic of Meisha. She did my makeup for a couple of friend's weddings and touched my caterpillaresque brows up at the same time (don't think she can help herself) and they were a-mazing.

Anonymous said...

I heard about Meisha's talents whilst on holidays in Sydney. After contacting & being educated on the art of brows for 20 minutes I understand why . A true artist .... plucking not waxing , you just have to try the experience . I now hide or my pre-meisha pictures with shame !
I can't believe we have her in Adelaide !