Thursday, April 30, 2009

I heart Dean & DeLuca

Oh to be a Manhattan Mum coming up to Mother's Day next weekend! Check out some of Dean & DeLuca's gift ideas!
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During my two years living overseas in London, one of the silly little things that always managed to give me butterflies was visiting places you'd seen on telly. You know, like Lords Cricket Ground, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Hyde Park. Then there are those little random sites that really make you so happy your cheeks hurt.

I went through high school and the first few years of uni obsessed with the tv show Felicity (remember Sally and her tapes, and Megan the goth roommate? Oh, and who could forget Javier?) and thanks to the show, I fell in love with Dean & DeLuca - one of New York's finest gourmet food merchants.

It's kind of America's answer to the UK's Fortnum and Mason. Or my heaven on earth.

On my way home from my time abroad, I dragged my dear friend Bree around New York in search of every D&D, the extremely yuppy supermarket and its oh-so-cute black and white paper coffee cups. Well, you would've thought all my Christmases had come at once when we finally stumbled across one of their stores. Seriously, I was like a kid in a candy store.

If only we had something like this in Adelaide, just imagine the fun I'd have planning a dinner party . . .


Kimberlee said...

oh don't even start me on Felicity! - I seriously need to find myself the box sets of all the series, so what I need right now! x

Moonspinner said...

Ohh that Dean & Deluca's gift basket looks divine!

Anonymous said...

i was always a closet felicity fan - i got hooked when she was on at some ridiculously late time slot, i was always snuggled in bed watching!! i got to visit Dean and DeLuca on my last NYC holiday - love love love it!!
Alice x

Kate said...

So were you a Ben or a Noel fan? I'd have to go with Ben - why is it we always choose the bad boys!?!?