Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Masterchef!

Image from official Masterchef website

Okay, so was anyone as excited as I was tonight to see the opening episode of Masterchef Australia? I LURVE reality cooking shows and find myself flicking to the Food Channel on Foxtel these days rather than my usual haunts of MTV (The Hills) or Arena (Sex and the City). Is something wrong with me?
Was very disappointed with South Australia's poor efforts - come on! We're the home of Maggie Beer, Central Markets, Port Elliot bakery cheese pasties and Haigh's chocolates - seriously kids, get it together!
Looking forward to more inspiring creations at the hands of raw, untapped talent over the next three months.


Anonymous said...

I agree Kate. I should have entered with my most amazing Lamb Chops in Milk recipe. It's simple. Some Lamb Chops (chump or forequarter - no need for the expensive ones) and some milk (coconut or normal milk is fine). Boil/sautee the chops in the milk for about 45 minutes, and get yourself a knife. I find that a steak knife just doesn't cut it, so tend to use a stanley knife for this dish.

It's amazing.


Kimberly said...

I cant't see them (Masterchefs) here in the states, but congrats on your new sight. I hope to learn lots from you, as I am the master of deep southern fry...I don't even know what pimms at the cricket or maggie beer ice cream is!!!!
Good luck, I'mm following you!

apparentlyjessy said...

I have to admit I too was disappointed with SA's efforts...but I was actually really disappointed with the whole show...
Its just more of the same over dramatised and unnecessary meanness. That's not to say I wont watch it! I'll be tuning in all the time I am sure, gotta support the 4 South Aussies!

Sarah said...

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