Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday bliss

Perfect cupcake from here
I love birthdays, I really do - especially when it's my own! Last week we celebrated my Mum's birthday with dinner at Concubine, and then it was my day in the spotlight yesterday, and then my Dad's pops up in a few weeks time. I love that we're all close - means I can stretch out the celebrations over the full month.

It was my birthday ... you can't blame me! Image from here
So yesterday was just brilliant, a beautiful, crisp yet sunny Winter's day. Perfect for the new birthday outfit I'd treated myself to at Country Road the day before. Oops.

Image from here

The day started with bubbles at brunch with my parents and grandparents at Mantra. Ah-mazing breakfast. I had the potato and goats cheese fritters - and if anyone likes mushrooms (ergh!) then you MUST try the mushroom ragout with poached eggs. Mum was beside herself they were that good. Was soon in the festive spirit after Mum and I polished off a bottle of Eliza sparkling - if only every morning started off with such cheer!

Image from here

Then it was off to meet the lovely Bree for a coffee at Cibo - well, make that a mint tea. Have to admit I had serious order envy when she comes back to the table with one of Cibo's signature iced chocolates. Wow.

The very generous and fun Ange and Sam xo

So, the next step in Kate's gastronomic birthday adventures was to head up to the Hills to visit my brother and his fiancee - yes, very exciting - a wedding to plan for! Sam and Ange treated me to the brilliant and indulgent Shaw & Smith wine tasting at their stunning Balhannah cellar door. Wow, now that's what I call stunning. Five different wines (including their incredible Sauvignon Blanc) matched with three heavenly cheeses. OMG.

The culinary roundabout continued with dinner at Michelle and Pete's. Veal cutlets wrapped in parmesan and proscuitto with burnt sage butter. With potato gratin. And broccolini and beans. Ah-mazing. Talk about sensory overload - I'd been in tasting heaven since 10am!

But it doesn't stop there . . . Friday night I'm off to Jimmies on the Summit at Crafers. Have heard the best reviews - just hope it lives up to it!


Kirsty (Coffee, Cake and Sunday's) said...
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Kirsty (Coffee, Cake and Sunday's) said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Looks like it was a fabulous day filled with fabulous things.

A-M said...

THE PERFECT DAY! Oh all that beautiful, beautiful tasty stuff! Family and food... doesn't get any better than that! A-M xx

Helen Cox said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time! That cupcake looks delicious I could eat it right off the screen! Glad to hear you splashed out on a new outfit for the occasion too!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Oh I heard of Cibo...I wish to go there one day.. : )

Jen Ramos
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