Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Caught on camera

All photos from Con Poulos
So I'm sick . . . again. And completely lacking in inspiration and joy. And the ability to taste. I decided I needed to surround myself in pretty things to help get me out of this cold-related frump . . . and distracted from the bag of Cadbury chocolate drops Gem brought over on Friday.
So instead, I immersed myself in the world of food photography. It's not as dull as it sounds! If I can't taste anything, then I need to be entertained by food visually. I'm one of those terribly boring kids in the kitchen who will only attempt a recipe if I can see what it looks like. I have to love the photo to even bother reading through the list of ingredients - it's safe to say I also judge a book by its cover. Guilty.
After my dismal efforts to capture the beauty of Michelle's ah-mazing veal birthday dinner, I decided it was time I did some research and check out how the pros do it. Now, Donna Hay has always been a style icon in terms of food design and I was very excited to track down the name of one of her photographers - Con Poulos.
Wow, what I'd do to have that special photographer's eye and knack of finding the beauty in even the most simple of culinary treats. A cupcake is not just flour and butter when you're looking through Con's lens - it's a work of art.
Now, where was that bag of chocolate drops . . .

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