Saturday, May 30, 2009

To market, to market . . .

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I love the markets! This is something I declare to my friends at least once a week, and make every effort to stop by the Adelaide Central Markets as often as possible. Whether it's a steaming pho at Charlie's Shack, a chai latte from Tbar or some mixed lollies from the old lolly shop - my senses are alive, and right in the heart of the city! But this post is about markets of a different kind - dare I say better kind.
Farmers markets are making a comeback with it suddenly being cool to wheel around your market trolley and buy odd-shaped vegetables ('organic' apparently means disfugured!). I used to go to Farmers Markets nearly every weekend in London and was thrilled when the Adelaide Showground Farmers Markets opened up just down the road not long ago. It's such a treat and an indulgent start to the morning. I walk home laden with fruit and veg and ridiculously priced heavy bread - seriously, I think you could use it as a door stop but they swear it's full of goodness and all kinds of grains.
Then there's the freshly brewed coffee, the forests of herbs, the glistening pastries and the scrummy smallgoods. Heaven!
Well, another of these fabulous examples of community markets is the Barossa Farmers Markets - best bacon and egg rolls to cure a hangover, trust me! The images above all come from the Barossa weekly event, with locals and tourists alike uniting to celebrate the region's much-famed produce.
With all this farmers markets shopping, I think it's time I invested in a funky trolley. If only I had the pounds for a Cath Kidston special! What markets can you recommend?

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A Petticoat for Jane said...

Hi Kate - I absolutely adore your blog! I always get a warm feeling finding a fellow foodie!!! I'm from Sydney and am coming down to Adelaide in a few weeks for the first time which I am very excited about and since I wont have long there I was wondering if you could shed some light on which markets you think are worth seeing?