Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blooming fabulous

Nope, that 'Health' magazine is not mine (what a laugh!). But the tapas cookbook, Domino bible and Kylie Minogue book sure are!
I just love coffee table books.
Fabulous square navy coffee table care of Emma
My Granny is just the best. I popped round to visit her and Grandpa tonight after bootcamp (yep, you heard it here first - I am actually EXERCISING!) and they were so excited to see me - the telly was turned off (the VCR set for some British drama!) and I was offered all sorts of food only found in a grandparents' pantry. Nothing like a hug from your grandparents to make you smile.
The best bit about visiting Granny and Grandpa is that you never go home empty handed. Whether it's a carton of eggs, a box of tea bags or some chocolate covered licorice, there's always a treat in store.
Tonight, she presented me with a gorgeous silver tea set that my aunty left for me - a very special gift indeed. Can't wait to host a high tea with macarons and cucumber sandwiches . . . and special silver. Maybe at my sister in law's baby shower, how divine!
Love my Notting Hill photo on the mantlepiece, not happy that it fell off the wall and smashed a few weeks ago!
Granny has a gorgeous garden, she's the envy of the street and is responsible for preparing the Church flowers once a month - I used to love helping her out as a little girl.
I was lucky to spend time in the garden with Granny tonight, marvelling at her knowledge of plant names and helping her collect a few bunches to brighten my little place.

Don't ask me what it is we put together, but I was thrilled with the colours and the instant life it brought to my living room.

Oh, and the perfume . . .

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Kelly Green said...

Sounds as though you had a wonderful time - my garden is blooming too atm, roses everywhere! KG