Sunday, November 28, 2010

A whooping good time

A day at the polo instantly evokes memories of Julia Roberts 'whooping' from the sidelines in her super styley polka dot outfit of Pretty Woman fame.
But what does a day at Polo in the City Adelaide style involve?

Hmm, no royals unfortunately.

But a bit of this (hello pearls!) . . .

And copious amounts of this (well - I was stoked with my one glass of French amongst far too many Bird in Hand pinot noirs)

To end up like this!
(I am so glad I had the sense to take a photo before our 'free-flowing' drinks caught up with us! Am still trying to get used to the new fringe)
We had a brilliant day on the sidelines and while no 'whooping' was involved, we were enthusiastic participants in the divet stomping and after party shenanigans at a nearby watering hole.
Trouble with a capital T.
But oh so fun.


Life in the Country Lane said...

Sounds like a fun filled day. Bird in Hand - no complaints here...yum. By the way, love the fringe.
Rebecca x

Cindy said...

Sounds so fun !!

Pippa said...

You made it sound so respectable. Lovely to see you poppet.

Kimberlee said...

LOVING the new hair, stunning! We must catch up. Weekend? but me thinks you'll be partaking in the Ashes. let me know x

Lill said...

This is very unsatisfactory. Can't see what you are wearing!

Kate said...

Thank you for the lovely comments - SUCH a fun day. It's a shame my camera is broken and I'm having to rely on my phone at the moment, hopefully I'll emerge the other side of Christmas with a new camera in tow!

Yes, new haircut. Washed it this morning for the first time since the gorgeous Jason worked his magic - let's just say it's not looking as slick today!

Kimbo - Ashes are calling me - I've even taken two days off work. Ex.Cited. Completely. But we need to debrief Manila Vanilla ASAP.

And Lill! Will try and get a proper photo of dress at the cricket - heaven forbid, I'm recycling the same outfit two weekends in a row! Matches Pimms perfectly, I had to give it a second showing!


La Maison Fou said...

I would love to attend one of those. I did always think that dress was quite nice.
Really flattering on Julia.

Steam said...

Looks fine.