Friday, July 8, 2011

Together Brisbane

Fellow bloggers, I need your help!

Emma and I are heading to Brisbane for a couple of days at the end of July and we know NOTHING about the place!

We'd love your suggestions for places to eat and drink, fabulous shopping destinations, markets, exhibitions . . . anything!

We're staying in Fortitude Valley which I've heard is close to Chinatown - something we are very happy about!

I'd especially love a breakfast hang out suggestion or a place to enjoy a glass of vino (or cider for Emma!)

So Brisbanians, come forth! Share your secrets and let me know why you love to call Brisbane home.


SPT said...

James Street
-Jocelyn's provisions
-Cru Bar
-Campos Coffee

New Farm
-Blue Smoke
-The Powerhouse & Watt Modern Dining

-Crosstown Eating





-Sourced Grocer
-London Club


Also check out the Good Guide:

Hayley said...

SPT pretty much covered most things other than little west end. If you like exotic food, trendy people, little boutiques, vintage and a hippy vibe.

I hope your trip goes really well and you do lots of shopping. Now following xx