Friday, July 1, 2011

The Block

I am just LOVING The Block.

I think it's the frustrated decorator in me. Frustrated yes, because I'm hopeless and wish I had that sort of creativity and vision!

Katrina and Amie are my #1 team - I just love them . . .

Quote: "We're country chicks, not country hicks"


Did you know Katrina is a fellow blogger? A-M introduced me to her blog and I love it - it's awesome seeing a behind the scenes take on what life was really like on the 'set'. It was filmed months ago though, so I'd be interested to know whether she scheduled her posts way back when, or is typing them now in hindsight.

Regardless, she's a cack and lots of fun to follow.


Rachael said...

Thanks for the link. They are my fav too!

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

Love Katrina and Amie! Even though we have never met feel like I know Katrina so well (she did my first blog design). She is just what I imagined. Letitia x

A-M said...

Oh she's typing them now Kate! Isn't she a hoot. If it was up to all of us, I know who'd be winning the show! A-M xx

Corri said...

I looooove the block..Matt and I sit there and are like...awwww... arrgh...WE COULD DO THAT!! We would TOTALLY KILL THAT!! Just quietly though, I think your style boards show more promise than ANY of the teams Kate! (I much preferred the style of the teams from last season) ;)

Tracy said...

Yes I am part of the fan club too. Love the girls and do hope that they win!
Shared pic and link with your blog!
Will be back to read the recipes. Just making a batch of pizza muffins, courtesy of Donna Hay..smells good!