Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tourist in your own backyard

My friend Sally and I are on a mission. We're out to make Adelaide our London.

We both lived in London in 2004/2005 and lapped up all the city had to offer - the theatre, nights at the pub, shopping, you name it - we did it.

So now that Sally and her hubby have moved back to the Rad, she's given me all the motivation I've needed to play tourist in my own backyard.

Last weekend we hit up the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Large sections of the gallery are under renovation at the moment, so we didn't see much at all . . . but we did enjoy a glass of bubbles at the gorgeous Art Gallery Restaurant afterwards!

Continuing our day out, we headed up to Norwood for a spot of shopping and a cheeky drink and little snack at Grace The Establishment.

The $20 meal deal won us over so we indulged in their signature burgers - tiny little buns with all the trimmings.

I had the lamb while Sally had the wagyu beef. Nothing more than two or three bites, but they tied us over until dinner. The aerated ketchup and french fries also hit the spot (not to mention the bubbles!)

A perfect day in our home town!

Any other suggestions for our sightseeing adventures?!

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Tina Kent - Lady Chatterley's Affair said...

Hi Kate! You're funny! I lived in London in 06/07 & then moved back to Bris . . . It's funny how you can find cool stuff to do in your own city once u return hey! But before I left for London I used to think it was the most boring place on earth!! Love your blog. LovT