Sunday, June 19, 2011

Loving pink

Jourdanne gave me the most fabulous sidetable for my birthday - she found it at an op shop and through blood sweat and tears, dolled it up Kate style.

Stupid iPhone pics are not saving the rotation - I'm at my wit's end trying to format them so gave up!

PINK! You can't go wrong. I LURVE it, so totally me.

Finally dragged it into the family room on the weekend and got to filling it with my favourite things. Isn't it the most fabulous shade of pink? Dulux Flamingo, for those of you interested.


Leah said...

I LOVE this!! What an amazing friend to make something so gorgeous for you! And how sweet is your little set up??! Fabulous styling Kate :) x

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, I'm loving the couch, cushions and side table! Can't wait to see your pad again - looks like there's been an Extreme Makeover Home Edition going on. Alice xx