Sunday, June 5, 2011

Inside out

Do you remember my excitement at scoring a fabulous Ikea Klippan from the equally as fabulous Amy a  little while back? I'd toyed with dyeing the cover but settled on a new 'Liberace' pink instead.

Well, the dyeing option might be something I have to revisit later - just ask Jimmie Martin whose uber cool London flat is featured in the current issue of Adore Home Online Magazine.

It was during my Saturday morning 'blogging in bed' (noone was going to bring me breakfast, so I needed another excuse to stay under the covers!) that I noticed his fab couch with colourful cushions. When I read it was an Ikea couch, I was overjoyed! How clever to turn the cover inside out to expose the seams.

This, people, is why I'm no decorator - I would never have thought of that!

Pics from Adore

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