Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sofa, so good!

The old blog world never ceases to amaze me.

It really brings people together and is almost like the big sister you never had - providing advice and lifting your spirits in times of need.

Remember how I was umming and ahhing over what couches to get for my lounge room? Well, it just so happens that someone actually reads my blog and had a spare couch they needed to get rid of!

And to make things even weirder, that person was someone I went to uni with but have not seen in over eight years - and she only happened to stumble across me through Kimbo at Brown Button.


So, the gorgeous Miss Amy handed over an Ikea Klippan in perfectly good condition - FOR FREE. Yep, there still are generous, big hearted people in this world.

The two seater fit perfectly into my little bay window area and was a perfect match for my Ektorp three seater. Comfy, great base for my cushions and easy to work with.

I looked around for various fabrics to recover the chair with and was seriously considering having a slip made. . . until Emma (from White & Wander) and I struck gold at Ikea on Tuesday night.

Check out my fab new hot pink Klippan cover! Emma will kill me for not having styled this photo but I was desperate to get it up quick smart.

It's gorgeous, so totally me and contrasts to the gloss navy coffee table brilliantly. Just need some more really graphic cushions - imperial trellis, ikat, chevron etc.

And all this colour and brilliance for $69!

Get involved, people - we had a field day at Ikea. I walked away with a new bed base (will post our efforts with that later), two lamp bases and shades, light bulbs and a vase. We did very well in a matter of 45 minutes!

My housemate raised his eyebrows when he walked in to see the new shade of pink and made the comment 'How very Liberace!'

Emma assures me it's a great compliment!


Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

LOVE it Kate! SO nice to see little bits of your home coming together. IKEA rocks and we all love a bargain. Happy Easter! Letitia xx

Kate said...

Thanks Letitia, it's been a long time coming! You really got the ball rolling, I'm slowly gathering momentum and it'll all come together . . . one day!

Anonymous said...

Anything Liberace is a MASSIVE comment... and I'm still mourning the loss of the Lack shelving, tragedy!

Andie said...

Absolutely LOVE the pink. So cute. Your house is going to be gorgeous with your blue table and pink couch and red chairs. So excited to see the transformation. xx