Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is Blagetti?

Blagetti (noun)
  1. a gathering of friends to discuss {bl}ogs; m{ag}azines; {et}sy; and favourite foods such as spaghet{ti}
  2. an excuse to catch up with friends
  3. our version of book club

What do you get when you combine the creative minds of White & Wander, Brown Button and Tres Dodgeois? Throw in a try-hard foodie (me) and a blogger in waiting (Miss Andie) and you've got 'Blagetti'.

Blagetti is the brain child of dear Pip who inspired us all to consolidate our love of all things pretty and dedicate one night per month to indulging in our passions.

Pip had the first Blagetti last month (I'm yet to post about it, whoops! Will have to do it in a flashback!) and this month was my time to host the little gathering. Each host can tailor their shindig and I (rather indulgently!) decided to put the girls to work and earn their meal!

I'll reveal the fruits of our labour in another post, but let's focus on the brunch for now . . .

First of all, we started with miniature versions of bircher muesli - served in cupcake wrappers and topped with flaked almonds, strawberries and cinnamon. Yummo.

The prosciutto wrapped asparagus was ah-mazing. To quote Emma "I could live on these for dinner every night". I'll take that as a compliment!

Mini ham and cheese croissants followed, with cheese and tomato versions for Pippa. See, I'm a very considerate cook!

Blueberry pikelets with whipped cream and lemon curd were a yummy dish and a pretty little picture all lined up in a row!

In honour of Kimberlee's birthday, we celebrated with red velvet cupcakes. Oh. Em. Gee. So good, I will never get sick of them.

Very cute on their little makeshift cakestand!

Always with an eye for detail, Emma added a beautiful rose to top it off.

And she was impressed, that cream cheese icing is the bee's knees! For drinks, we sipped on Chandon (okay, I think I had the whole bottle to myself, minus the half glass that Emma finished) and water with mint, plus beautifully styled bottles of Bundaberg's blood orange, pink grapefruit and lemon, lime and bitters fizzies.

Such a cute addition to a table with their white straws tied to the side (thanks Emma, you style guru!).

Oh, we also had sausage rolls with sweet chilli sauce that I dug up from the freezer - perfect for those carrying the burden of a big night, ahem, Kimberlee! Then there were the CC's which always work a treat in times of great need (along with Frozen Cokes from McDonalds)! Stay tuned for pics of our Blagetti workshop - I made the girls work hard for their meal, that's for sure!

Happy brunching xo


Kimberlee said...

"carrying the burden of the big night" - you are too kind. that is the most polite and politically correct way of saying I was most the disgusting hungover person the world had ever seen.

You are indeed the hostest with the mostest - I think everyone is too scared to put their hand up for the next blagetti - that is a hard act to follow! xx

design elements said...

lovely post and delicious pictures! just learned a new English word: blagetti :-) lovely greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

SHOCKING PHOTO OF ME!!! Oh well, Blagetti is about real life and I suppose that is the real me in all my painting outfit glory!

I can do the next one for the royal wedding perhaps??

Anonymous said...

Pip (can't remember my password to login)

buyaionaccounts said...

What a lovely indulging feast that was. I will never ever question again how you pretties do your wonderful blagetti again, sure fun and it rocks! I'm starting to love the term.