Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Head in the trees

I have amazingly talented friends.

Beyond those of the blogosphere, I am continually impressed by the wonderful things my friends are doing. Whether it be kicking butt in a courtroom, saving lives in a hospital, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or styling their little hearts out, my friends have talent to boot.

Being the blog obsessed gal that I am, I often find beautiful, innovative and completely inspiring wedding shots. Most of them come from overseas, but fear not - our local talent pool can definitely hold its own.

I was blown away by the creativity of my dear darling friend Cat last week who delivered the most magical wedding imagineable.

There were ice sculptures, ceiling draping, chandeliers . . . and a canopy of trees enveloping the guests as they dined.

Cat went above and beyond to bring this groom's vision to life - and what a beautiful end result. Each table had its own tree centrepiece with individually hand-threaded orchids hanging from the branches. Ah-mazing.

To think that we have this creative mind in Adelaide is fabulous.

To find our more about Cat and her team at Bliss Events, check out their website.

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