Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Start packing

Still so completely on Cloud Nine after our visit from the fabulous (and a Cosmo Fun, Fearless Female nominee) Anna Spiro a few weeks ago.

All the girls have posted about it (here, here and here) but I think I was still trying to get over the embarrassment of driving her around in my bomb of a car to actually bring myself to write about our encounter! (Embarrassing car episode complete with torn out page of her feature in Vogue Living on my back seat - hello stalker!)

Totally inspired by her tales and passion for her work (and fed up with our pathetic excuse for a Summer down here), Emma, Kimberlee and I have booked for a Winter getaway to Brisbane and can't wait to fit in a visit to Black & Spiro in July.

Start packing girls! I shotgun the pink suitcase above.


Anna Spiro said...

You are so funny! I had a ball with you was so much fun! Kimberlee mentioned something to me about you guys coming up here but gave me no details what-so-ever so now I know it's July!! That is just so great. We will have so much fun. I am going to plan a dinner at my home for you girls!!!


Kimberlee said...

oops - sorry Anna, i'll be in touch with the details darling. Yes, the girls from the south are heading to the north. Can't wait! xxx