Friday, April 1, 2011

Perfect Sunday

One of my new year's resolutions was the have fresh flowers in the house at least once a fortnight. My Granny has a beautiful garden and I am often spoilt with beautiful bouquets from her - in fact, I still have the bunch of hydrangeas she gave me more than a month ago sitting on my coffee table!

But last Sunday I wanted some more colour and needed to stretch my legs so walked down to the Adelaide Showground Farmers Markets to bag a bargain.

And I did well!

I got four bunches of lilies for Mum for only $10 (she had to split them over two vases, there were so many!) . . .

. . . and one bunch of these gorgeous hot pink flowers for me for only $4.50. What was I thinking? I should've got more at that price!

I've never seen so many people at the markets - it was a gorgeous sunny day and everyone was stocking up on goodies, especially flowers!

After the great start to my Sunday, I dropped off the flowers at Mum and Dad's and tucked in to some lunch and a good coffee with them - loving their Nespresso and how easy it is to make good coffee!

Then I came home and made the most of having the house to myself. I popped on the kettle, tidied the kitchen and watched the second movie in the Stieg Larsson trilogy . . . and did not move from my couch until bed time!

It's so nice to have some downtime on the weekend - I'm so busy trying to fill my diary with coffee dates, dinner parties and drinks after work that I sometimes forget how nice it is to have a blank day!

I could get used to lazy afternoons of mugs of green tea, movies and keeping warm under the mohair rug on the couch. Especially as Winter sets in!

If I'm late to a scheduled catch up witih you in the dreary months ahead, you'll know where to find me!


annie said...

I love fresh flowers all over the house and your Sunday does sound quite perfect.

Kimberlee said...

what a gorgeous pic of your fabulous lounge room - can't wait to see it 'in the flesh' tomorrow hun. Nothing better than hanging at home, I agree - I need to do it alot more! - and how good is a nespresso?? So tempted to get one but I dread to think how much coffee I would drink if i did. see you tomorrow beautiful xx

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

Lovely pic of the house Kate! About to throw out my dead flowers all over the house and pic some new roses from the garden. Thank goodness I have a garden, nowhere to buy beautiful flowers like that over here! Letitia xx