Thursday, April 21, 2011

Riding along on my pushbike, honey

Happy Easter to everyone!

What are your plans for the long long weekend? In Australia, we have a five day break with ANZAC Day public holiday being celebrated on the Tuesday. I can't WAIT!

I'm heading to the Clare Valley with my oldest and dearest friend of all time, and her friends and family. We're going to eat, drink and be merry, head to the country races on Sunday and do the Riesling Trail . . . on bike.

Yes, on bike she tells me.

I'd like to think I could carry off the style of the girl in the pic above. Relaxed, chic, casually cool with an air of sweet confidence.

But no, instead I'll be wrestling with a flat head of hair underneath a stuffy helmet, boring 'practical' shoes for optimum pedal power and sweat patches on my bum. Not a good look when trying to pick up country farmers or winemakers, I would've thought!

Secretly, I can't wait - the idea of combining wine with a bike ride makes the concept of exercise a little less daunting!

I just have to find the perfect outfit . . .


Kimberlee said...

I am FINALLY relaxed and ready to enjoy the break - I didn't think it would ever happen!
Think i'll give cycling a miss on the weekend (a big couch, a glass of wine and foxtel is more my kind of exercise...) - but can't wait to see you Sunday. xxx

Kate said...

Well, you'll be in the right place Kimbo - I'm sure the riesling is chilling on ice as we speak. Enjoy your well deserved down time and I'll see you Sunday, yeeha!

Joanne Almond said...

I am sure you will (as always)look fabulous cycling around the countryside!

Alice said...

Happy Easter Kate, that sounds fab! Enjoy!

I'm off on a road trip to Bath, Exeter and Penzance - we'll be covering some ground but it will be great fun (so long as I don't actually do any driving). And back on Monday night with plenty of time to get ready for the Royal wedding!