Friday, April 8, 2011

Blagetti, Bentwoods and Bubbles

Inspired by this fabulous pic from Anna at Absolutely Beautiful Things, I had my friend Jourdanne keep a look out for any old chairs at Op Shops that I could possibly makeover.

All my Christmases came at once when she called me on a random Tuesday afternoon to say she'd found a set of four Bentwoods at the Mount Barker St Vinnies store - and they were only $4 each.


So hiring in some help from my friends, I organised a working bee at mi casa . . . and disguised it as Blagetti!

Here we see Pippa and Emma getting to work with the sanding blocks. I love Pip's version of 'daggy clothes' - if only I looked that good in my roughies!

Andie was the most thorough sander I've ever come across - she can come again!

And while I was busy finishing the bottle of sparkling, dear Pip was busy on the front lawn (probably a safer option than dear Emma who took her chair out to the middle of the road to minimise the damage of overspray!). She was handy with the spray can, that girl - but she assures me she's never done any graffiti!

I've still got one chair to go (we ran out of paint, whoops!) but I can't wait to show you how they look in my little kitchen . . . as long as noone sits on them! They're not, um, very sturdy!

Thank you to the lovelies who rolled their sleeves up and helped me out. Oh, and thanks to Kim for the entertainment!


Anonymous said...

Kate - I have to hand it to you. You AMAZE me & I LOVE reading your blog! I log in at least a couple times a week to catch up on your ventures & new it! So looking forward to brunching on Sunday. Been too long between good catch ups xoxo

annie said...

I saw this photo/house on Anna's blog and commented that I think my house needs a dose of color. I've been searching for chairs on ebay ever since. I found them and was so excited...then I remembered that I live in California, not Westchester County, NY...close to where we moved from. They were only available for pick up. I can't believe you found your for $4 each. I can't wait to see yours all painted...when will post?