Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bentwood Brilliance


The April edition of High Gloss Magazine lived up to its first issue and delivered a beautiful publication full of inspiration and colour.

I was very excited to see a hot pink Bentwood feature in their Casual Glamour section and was especially interested to see how much one of these little beauties would retail for.

Makes my $4 gems from St Vinnies look like a steal, hey!? With about $20 spent on spray paint and a couple of extra bucks on sandpaper, me thinks I have done very well!


Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

kate, I can't wait to see more! Letitia xx

Kate said...

Thanks Letitia! I'm so slack, I've still got one unpainted chair sitting in my kitchen. Hopefully I can finish the job over Easter x