Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hmm, how Pinteresting!

Style Me Pretty is the holy grail of all things wedding and I (as the eternal bridesmaid) have turned to it for endless inspiration over the years.

I received a newsletter update from Abby this week featuring her new love - Pinterest.

What is Pinterest you ask? Well, I'm still trying to get my head around it, but essentially (I think!), it's a virtual pin up board or inspiration board. Whatever it is, it will revolutionise the party planning/event styling/food design/creative world out there.

See a centrepiece that melts your heart? 'Pin it'! Spot a wedding dress that's just perfect? 'Pin it'! And you want to remember those baby shower party favours for next time? 'Pin it'!

Check out Abby's efforts above and see for yourself how it's all coming together at

She's got 29 'boards' with different themes - how much easier would it be organising your life like this!? Great for work, perfect for play and addictive for blogging!

I've sent off my request for an invite . . . will I make the cut?!

Footnote: Yay! I got my invite this morning! Looking forward to 'pinning' this weekend. Will report back next week x

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