Friday, February 25, 2011

Couch time

My new housemate has moved in. Yay!
And I got rid of the club lounge suite. Yay!
But now I'm down to one couch. Boo!
And it's very 'cosy' with my new housemate. Boo!
This weekend, I'll be spending my time looking for a replacement couch. I already have a white three seater Ektorp from Ikea (SUCH a bargain and I still love it, all these months on - although fake tan does show up rather obviously!) so I just need a little two seater to sit in the bay window of my lounge room.

I love love love the couch above. The colour is sublime and the cushions look so deep that you'd struggle to bend your legs over the edge. I love that - always makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland in terribly oversized furniture!

Then there are stripes which hold such a soft spot with me. The single chair is also divine - I think a wingback would make a nice feature in front of my bookcase. And I just adore the mix of sripes and floral (well, it's not floral but I'm no design head and don't now how else to describe it!).

Anna's gorgeous find in New York is spot on. Gorgeous.

Okay, there's definitely a pink theme going on here. Not deliberate, I swear! Love the salmon pink of this couch. Looks uber comfy.

Here we go - something a bit different. Okay, it's still stripes, but navy this time. Love love love.

And I always come back to this Black & Spiro one. Hands down favey couch of all time.
So I've spotted a strawberry pink microfibre two seater that I really liked, and am sending in Dad to negotiate with price tomorrow. Hate that I'm a single gal on a budget. Why oh why can't I have a custom made couch made with my choice of heavenly fabric? Up-style it, as all you gurus would say.
The time will come, until then, thank goodness for hard-ball Dads and their bartering skills.

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