Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fabulous with a Capital K

Bree and I stumbled across the most fabulous casual dining experience at Chadstone on the weekend.
As if Chadstone wasn't brilliant enough as it was!
I'm sure lots has been written about Capital Kitchen, just opposite Gap in the 'posh' end of the shopping centre, but I just have to give my two bobs' worth.
I loved it.
It was chic, it was fresh, innovative, delicious and classic.
It's a shame I didn't think to get my camera out earlier and have to guts to take some proper shots, but I adored my plate of salads (beetroot and bean, curried chicken and mango, Asian beef, and pumpkin and chickpea) and Bree's chicken Caesar burger was a big hit - great fries.

We were impressed with the self-serve tap water in cool jugs and the funky table centrepieces - loved our chillies.
How I'd LOVE to open up a place like this in the Rad - bar cross coffee shop cross patisserie cross homewares cross pantry extension. The fit out was sublime - yellow and white striped boxes and awesome coffee cups.
Their website is very disappointing so I hope they get their act together soon - it's not fair to be so far away and not able to indulge in my new crush!

Bree - set up the fold out bed, I'll be over again soon!

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Claudia Lane said...

It looks and sounds the table centrepiece, rustic and elegant at same time, definitely my style :))

pop by my blog and enter the for the giveaway if you have time :))