Friday, February 11, 2011

The big wet

When I said that Melbourne was in lockdown with the four of us Adelaide chicklets in town last week, I didn't literally mean 'lockdown'.
Lockdown it was with flash flooding bringing the city to a halt on Friday night. We were enjoying pre-wedding drinks on the deck when all of a sudden, the heavens opened and we witnessed a downpour that I haven't seen in years.
Gutters overflowed, shopfronts were flooded, shoes were soaked - it was out of control!
Lucky for us we had a few drinks under our belt and made the most of the photo ops down on the street.
Just call me Gwynnie in Glee . . .

1 comment:

Emma said...

Great shots darling! Wasn't that such a hilarious evening? We went from stiflingly over heating to paddling through knee deep waves...

And yes, you were the epitome of Gwynnie xxx