Friday, February 18, 2011

A Royal Affair

I am such a fan of the Royals.
Totally excited about the announcement of Wills and Kate's engagement last year.
And then on Valentine's Day there was the release of the bridal party. Devo not to be included - I mean, I am a professional bridesmaid after all and know all the tricks of the trade.
Katherine Heigl, eat your heart out!
Love that they have an official Facebook page. Gold. Have just 'liked' it. Look forward to my regular updates.
The big day's on my Mum's birthday this year. I plan on organising a positively regal party for her - complete with tiaras, Pimms and all things hoi hoi!
So jealous of Ace who'll be over there in the flesh. Send my best to Lizzie!


jaimie michelle said...

don't you just love this picture?! i'm also a fan of the royals, and coincidentally my mom's birthday is the day of their wedding as well, and i love the idea of having a royal themed party!

love your blog!


Kate said...

Thanks Jaimie! How much fun that your Mum's birthday is the same day! We'll have to compare notes x