Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It would be easier if it was 'What Kate Didn't Eat' . . . the list would be shorter

I get such a sense of patriotism when I find a blog that gets my heart racing and ticks all the right boxes. Maybe it was the big, fat, slab of red meat I saw above. No no, it was more than that . . .
So often in bloggy world I find myself consumed by international blogs - Scandinavian design blogs, French foodie blogs, American preppy blogs etc etc.
I mean, they're all fabulous, don't get me wrong - but I love some home grown talent promoting all that is great about this awesome country of ours.

My new blog love this week is 'What Katie Ate' and I have to admit, I actually have Sam's Table to thank for this introduction.
Katie is fabulous and is the perfect example of why I wish I could take better photos - it really makes a great blog a wonderful blog.
Enjoy xo
PS. Who's off to Orange with me? That place looks fab!

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Anonymous said...

I love what katie ate too! If you put in pasta you get the most ah - maze - ing banquet ideas. Hmmm- 5 different pastas @ one table = heaven + big pants!

I might send you an email as I just wrote about a half a page and then realised that it would not be a good idea to post all of that stuff on the "world wide interweb"

love flavs xx