Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's back!

If Farmer Kieran is anything to go by, I'm moving to Young!
Is anyone else completely smitten by this yummy young chap?
I'm open to set-ups!
Friends - should you know anyone in this boy's league, please, show them my way (but perhaps best to keep the blog a secret on the first date!)
Farmer Wants a Wife. Oh how I've missed you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, I have been following your blog for almost a year now and funnily while watching last night I thought that he would be the one you would pick. Made me wonder if you were contending on the show as you blog went a bit quiet for a while there? I suspect he would be a bit of a player though (other than polo I mean). We will just have to watch and see.

Rachael said...

I liked Charles! But definitely a nice batch this year. Can't wait for next week!!

Emma said...

You should have gone on it!!! That bloke is seriously dreamy...
I'll be watching eagerly as well my dear xx

Kate said...

Jo - you're hilarious! I did get chosen for the first ever series of FWAW and had to turn it down for my job . . . and have regretted it ever since! Very funny that I'm that predictable and you knew I'd choose Kieran! I agree - I think he'd be a bit of a player, why do I always fall for the bad guys?

Rachael - Charles is sweet, I like that he chose 'real' girls for his group date. They were all so intelligent!

Emma - don't you make the same mistake and turn down an opportunity (wink wink, nudge nudge)