Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Belles of the Business

Stumbled across this gorgeous ad in Matchbook Mag last week and was completely taken by the charm of the bloke in the ad. The whole mood of the scene was just gorgeous and had me thinking "I'll have what they're having!"

So a bit of research let me to Southern Proper, a gorgeous American label that specialises in men's ties and bowties.
The gorgeous gals behind the scenes (or "Belles of the Business" as they like to call themselves!) are Emilie Henderson Howard and Reagan Hardy Howell - just their names alone are enough to inspire great style and class!
I loved their little bios and felt like I'd found my kindred spirits . . .
If women can be described without insult by a recipe, then Emmie has all the ingredients for a cool, glass of lemonade. Her style is classic and refreshing, with a touch of prim sweetness. Born and raised on a farm in Ripley, Tennessee, Emmie's demeanor is as soft and simple as the cotton she helped harvest during her childhood. Whether she's planting or politicking, Emmie casually flips her collars and delicately drapes her sweaters.

With a twist of pearls and a twang of spirit, Reagan is all sass and shag. Her eclectic wardrobe is silky and strawberry, with a little bit of posh tucked in the corners of her closet. Raised in Kinston, North Carolina, Reagan spent most of her time on the front porches of the Carolina Coast. Her graceful and extravagant style is best for walking after midnight, and if you meet her on the path, you realize she might still have a little sand in her too-high heels.
How divine!

Love a boy in a bow tie. And vests? Divine! They even have a collection dedicated entirely to Gingham! Hooray!

According to the girls . . .

Men of the south have always been noted for their distinguishable d├ęcor and dress. Their honey-soaked accents and captivating manners charm women from all parts of the world. However, it's the tradition of sophisticated and influential attire that completes their status as gentlemen; for field or fancy, men of the South are always well-dressed.

Aussie boys, take note!
Pics from matchbook and southern proper


Kimberlee said...

oh this is sooooo perfect!!!! its you in a shop! - loving all these regular posts bella xx

Kate said...

"With a twist of pearls and a twang of spirit, Reagan is all sass and shag." It's perfect! I want to move to America!

College Prepster said...

Miss Stephanie (from Prepfection) sent me over... Love your blog!!!