Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My new friend

Okay okay, if the truth be known . . . I like a beer or two. Especially at the pub with the boys from work on a Friday - they don't really understand the concept of 'Jansz' in the sports bar while laying bets on the dish lickers (that's the greyhounds for the unitiated).

Tragic, I know.

But last week, while making eyes with the cute barman, I was introduced to a new 'white beer' by Hahn. It was served in a tall glass . . . complete with slice of orange! I almost felt like a lady!

From the Lion Nathan website . . .

"Subtly spiced with essences of orange and coriander it’s excellent with food and makes a great alternative to wine."

I concur!

Footnote: I don't voluntarily spend my Friday nights in the Sports Bar with my workmates but my team lost the footy and I had a bet to settle!

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