Thursday, June 2, 2011

Something borrowed, and I'm feeling a bit blue

I just got home from the movies and feel kind of blugh.

Loved catching up with Gem (wish the previews had gone on longer so we had more time to chat!) but can't put my finger on whether I liked the movie or not.

Has anyone else seen Something Borrowed?

PS. Great eye candy. Hello Dex! Where have you been my whole life?


Lindsey said...

Loved the book, great cast in the movie (especially gorgeous Dex), but I'm with you… Just a so-so movie!

Andie @ Starts with Cupcakes said...

oh no ! I hate when a movie leaves you with that feeling and I am going to see it tomorrow night... Will let you know my thoughts.

chateaudelille said...

My husband and i both really enjoyed the movie. I guess it highlights the importance of standing up for yourself and being honest which can prevent a lot of heartache. Fiona