Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have a secret little vice that I'm going to share with you . . .

I love love love youtubing songs. It can lift my mood unlike any tub of icecream or glass of wine.

Glee marathons are my fave, with the Warblers always guaranteeing a laugh on a blue day.

The Voice clips are also on my hit list. Brittany and Lakyn are divine. Did you hear the Brittany vs Kelsie battle over Adele's Turning Tables? Ah-mazing!

These are some of my "go-tos" at the moment - the clips aren't necessarily the best, but how I love playing over and over again a song that makes you smile.

What song gets you out of a funk?

PS. I'm having problems making these clips viewable on iPhone - but I can see them on my PC. Weirdo! Sorry if you're having trouble!

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Krystal said...

Iv'e been Youtubing Sophia Grace and Rosie (the tu tu girls). I first saw them on Ellen and now I can't get enough of them. They crack me up.I even learnt some dance moves from them.