Thursday, May 31, 2012

All together now

The truth be known, I'm a hopeless romantic.

I'm not soppy and lovey dovey at all, PDAs offend me (that's Public Displays of Affection to the uninitiated) and I struggle with the L word, but I adore the idea of romance. Of happy endings. Of kindred spirits.

Can I be a romantic but not be romantic?

Well, this marriage proposal had me at hello. It is so cute, I love me a bit of kitsch and as a big fan of Bruno Mars and Glee, I totally loved this.


TINA KENT said...

Same! Was wanting to dance in my living room . . . No chorus to join in though. You'll probably find a bloke that will top this proposal!! How do u feel about theatrical types! LovT

Lill said...

this made my Monday!