Friday, June 1, 2012

Bowled over by bathrooms

I've never normally been one to get excited by bathrooms.

My own little brown/mustard box does the job - I have a bath and a shower which I'm grateful for, but the tiles kind of gross me out and my wooden toilet seat slides off its Royal Doulton base every time you sit down (did you like that little mention? I have a Royal Doulton toilet and basin. Posh, hey?! Shame you slide off it every time you sit down though!).


But during my daily morning read of the local online newspaper, I stumbled across this BEAUTIFUL home in the Adelaide Hills. And out of all the gorgeous pics in the photo gallery, the ones that excited me most were those of the bathrooms (yes, there are three in fact).

Who am I!? Excited by bathrooms? Gosh, I'll be eating vegetarian next (no way, never, not in this lifetime).

But come on . . . do you blame me?

Look at these tiles!

And that beautiful stonework . . .

Looking down the other end, all that light!

And that window (although, are they bricks from another building I can see through the trees? Not sure I'd be wanting to bathe in quite as much um, visibility!)

And look at the entrance to this spectacular bathroom . . . through what look to be concealed doors within the built in robes. Fabulous!

And then these gorgey blue tiles. Hello lover. 

And here is a pic of the outside.

Stop it, already!

I know, you've turned green, right?


Anonymous said...

I saw the same house online today too and loved it. The bathrooms are just lovely. I am planing to head to the open tomorrow for a bit of dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Those bathrooms are gorgeous! The entire house is!!