Monday, June 4, 2012

Australia for me

So, Phase Two of the "There's nothing like Australia" campaign has been launched today.

What do you think?

I got goosebumps watching it the second time, but do have to admit the song is a bit boring. Beautiful vision, but surely it could've been a bit more uplifting in the music department?

The 90 second version is definitely more inspiring than the full four minute version I first saw.

Regardless, I am ridiculously proud to be able to call this wonderful land home.

I'd be interested to know, does the USA have a tourism push? I can't recall seeing any advertising over here . . . are you guys perhaps targeting different markets?

What do you think of our efforts? Would you come visit us!?


Gild and Grace said...

Have to agree Kate. The vision is pretty amazing but the music a little too dull for me!

Have a great week :)

Abbey x

Kate said...

Did you see the SATC Kangaroo Island ad, Abbey? The Eddie Vedder song is much more playful and fun!