Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In my little corner

Adelaide has joined the revolution.

The revolution, that is, that's seen tree-lined suburban streets become home to gourmet providores and hot dining spots.

My little neck of the woods, in particular, is suddenly the "cool" place to be seen with Mums and bubs enjoying babycinos; yuppies sipping on lattes; artists feasting on grilled haloumi; and girls catching up over french toast and bubbles.

Anyone would think I was in Melbourne!!!

These little cafes offer so much more than your standard egg and bacon breakfast. Quite often they're corner stores disguised as art galleries disguised as gourmet grocers disguised as coffee shops disguised as sandwich bars disguised as lounge rooms.

Such establishments include The Pantry on Egmont, a mother's milk and The Stranded Store.

The furniture is comfy, the wait staff friendly and the food fresh and edgy. They do the classics, but they have  their own little twist on them.

Case and point.

French toast.

I rarely ever order sweet for breakfast but on a recent visit to The Stranded Store in Colonel Light Gardens, I was tempted by the daily special.

French toast with orange scented ricotta, smashed raspberries and basil.

It was just so different. And I caved. I chose sweet.

Ah-mazing doesn't even start to describe it. Can't wait to tackle my own version of this combination - I've never made French toast before . . . time to indulge.

Or just head back to Stranded!


Louise Olsen said...

ooh Kate i love the Stranded Store cafe and concept! v cool.

Angie Storer said...

Yet to try the Stranded Store. We do like A Mother's Milk. Lola is always up for a babycino! The tip I got for great French toast from an amazing French patisserie in Melbourne is use Sour dough bread cut thick. And I never mix the egg and milk. First dip bread in milk, then egg. Yum! Also wanted to let you know that Gaynor made your dairy free cupcakes for Harper's first birthday. They were yummy!
Angie x