Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Once Upon A Lovely House

Is anyone else wrapped up in Once Upon A Time?

I feel like a little girl, reliving all my favourite fairy tales again. It's such a lovely escape . . . all of a sudden true love and happy endings seem entirely possible!

It's a very clever series - not at all the dark, scary story that the Channel 7 previews made it out to be. Hats off to the writers - they're the same team from Lost (which we all agree was fabulous until it got, well weird). I love seeing it all unravel . . . there have been so many penny-dropping moments!

The actors are all so sweet. I am giddy with how much I adore Prince Charming (David) and Snow White (Mary Margaret). Isn't Ginnfer Goodwin just divine?!

On that note, have you fallen head over heels in love with Ms Blanchard's apartment? It's sublime. Not normally my style - I think it passes as shabby chic? - but it suits her perfectly. I just adore it!

So much natural light . . .

And that brick wall is spectacular.

Fabulous ladder and furnishings.

Open plan loveliness.

And just as pretty by night! Love the mis-matched dining chairs and table. And that big beam on the left.

That wall again. And all that light!

Gorgeous little kitchen and quirky tree-like beam.

Rustic and romantic. I love it!

Who else is enchanted by this real-life fairy tale?

Pics from here and here

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I love the ladder in the middle of the room.