Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stuck in the middle

It all started on The Block.

My love affair with 'floating' beds, that is.

And then it got more intense when I visited my friend Bree in Hobart.

I stayed in their spare room which was a HUGE front formal lounge with a gorgeous fireplace and my bed 'floating' in the middle.

It felt so luxurious!

And then Vogue Living featured a floating bed in its 'L'Escalier' story. Oh la la!

So the love affair continues. But I'll never be able to make it work in my little shoebox of a house.

Instead, I shall indulge in my secret love online . . . 

GORGEOUS in front of a doorway . . .

Like an island floating in the sea!

I particularly love this one on the angle, so quirky!

Whimsical is the only word for this.

Great use of space behind the bed. And check out the fireplace. FABULOUS!

This one seems most realistic . . . maybe one day . . .

And hands down, my absolute favey.

Bookshelves, ladder, big windows, flowers, organised chaos.

Love love love!

Pics from here and here


Anonymous said...

Agree completely on your sentiments on the bed that floats - nothing is quite as luxurious.
I've floated a few beds in my time and always seem to sleep better...

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

oh yes - the bottom pic my absolutely favourite x

TINA KENT said...

It's obvious. . . You need to take up residence in a big old library - high ceilings, timber floors, lots of history. lack of privacy may become an issue but you know. . . You're outgoing enough it could work in your Favour! LovT

Kate said...

Not sure of the type of bloke I'd find floating around in an old library, Tina!

Em and Kimberlee - I think we need to find a big old house that we can decorate from top to tail and live in together. Imagine how amazing the house would be - French musuem curator chic at one end, and preppy pink at the other!

Lill said...

I love this post. Keep coming back to it! Am now also obsessed with floating beds. x

Kate said...

It's just a shame that 29 year old single gals' budgets don't extend to homes with HUGE bedrooms Lill! xo