Saturday, June 30, 2012

Couch time

Had one final outing under the influence last night. And paying for it today.

If you haven't yet, there's still time to register for Dry July. Or at least donate to my fundraising efforts!

Spending the night on the couch with laksa and Hairspray on the telly. 

And James Marsden is totally doing it for me tonight . . . Hello Corny Collins!

Also love him sick in 27 Dresses (the story of my life)

And of course there's Enchanted - he's just the best Prince Charming (yes, even tops the dude from Once Upon A Time)

Have also watched five episodes of Girls today - have you seen it? Strangely compelling. Then I caught up on the 4 Corners Gina Rinehart story and the Australian Story feature on Black Caviar

Emma's trying to get me into Smash (Glee for grown ups apparently). Any other suggestions for addictive series? Please let me know!

PS. Who saw Offspring this week? "Do you want to have one more lemonade?" Oh Patrick, you had me at hello. When will you get it together, spunky boy?!


Kate said...

I definitely want one more lemonade. What about the way he cuddled Nina? Love Matthew Le Nevez (what about when he spoke french?) and have absolutely loved Offspring. What will we watch while waiting for the next season? I love the Rachel Zoe Project and Gossip Girl although, i need to catch up on both. I am also obsessed with cooking shows. Have you watched Sophie Dahl's cooking series? You would love it. Hope you are well. K x

Anonymous said...

Well done on Dry July - sorry typing this as I drink a glass of red. I am LOVING Offspring - get your sh*t together Patrick and Mick I want to seriously smack you - that is all. India