Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two ingredients

First there were those gorgeous Mumsy types who revolutionised a four ingredient recipe concept.

Now a two ingredient (well, food item) craze is taking over the world - and London is leading the cause.

At an event at the Art Gallery last week, Emma's sister was telling me about Burger and Lobster, a London restaurant that only serves, you guessed it, burgers and lobster. Sounds fabulous! 

It's in Mayfair in London which is very hoi hoi but I love that everyone's on the same level in the restaurant (if they can bear to wait for up to three hours for a table!) because everything on the menu is 20 pounds.

Another new one that is popping up is called bubbledogs - again, in London, posh Fitzrovia at that - set to open in late July this year. Suddenly it's become cool to blend daggy with high society. Imagine sipping on a decadent glass of champagne (real champagne, that is) and then wolfing down a hot dog! I love the idea!

And then there's Tramshed in East London

Tramshed, like the other two - focuses on two core menu options. As the picture suggests, chicken or beef.

Ahhh, a meat wholesaler's daughter's dream!

So it got me thinking, what two menu items would I offer in my own restaurant? Maybe beer and mussels? Or ribs and cider? Cheese and wine would always prove popular - especially in South Australia. 

Eggs would be versatile, but I'm not sure they're sexy enough. And what could go with them? Maybe pizza and pies as a fun combination. That would be a boy's dream!

No, I still haven't landed on that quirky success story that teeters on the edge of 'common' whilst somehow embracing an exclusivity like no other.

Any other suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

We must go to Burger and Lobster! I'm having both...

I vote for cider and hotdogs...