Friday, June 8, 2012

All senses alert

My holidays are always centred around iconic food experiences.

I live by the mantra "when in Rome . . ." so am guilty of eating nutella crepes in Paris, gelati in Italy, onion dip in New Zealand (don't ask!) and chorizo in San Sebastian.

I dined at Jamie Oliver's fifteen in London, ate roasted chestnuts from the Tuileries Gardens outside the Louvre and went ga ga for the best breakfast in Melbourne at St Ali (someone told me "you HAVE to go", so I did!)

My appreciation of a memorable - sometimes life changing - food experience goes beyond that of the menu though. It's about the shared tables, the drinking vessels, the views, the music, the type of chair, the waiters' uniforms, the wow factors.

The above restaurants have all been applauded for their innovation. And I like that word. Thinking outside the square you live in. Pushing the boundaries. Creating memorable experiences.

What are some of your most memorable food experiences?

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Krystal said...

Rice shapped as a teddy bear in Chang Mai, Beer in a hammock in Cambodia with hand made spring rolls, my fist spanish hot chocolate at San Churro, Scollops in Vietnam, truffle oil pasta in Italy and rice porrige for breakfast in Lao.
I too have so many food memories and of course it is more than just the food it's the people you share it with and the moment you are in.